Diharap agar sahabat-sahabat yang berpengalaman da[at memberikan tunjuk ajar kepada budak baru dalam Turbo Kit terutamanay bagi diri saya. Sekian, terima kasih.

enjin kancil 660 turbo

BOT ni bkn sekadar pnp. Tq info tuan. Sy ni bdk baru klu psal kereta ni. Mhl jga r klu mau main turbo ni. Teda lg ka tuan yg murah2 di area kk ni. Bro,turbo rhf4 ble servis ka? Dan klu mau bt return oil dari fuel regulatorbahagian mana yang sesuai di buat dekat tangki petrol tu bos? Anda sedang menulis komen melalui akaun WordPress. Anda sedang menulis komen melalui akaun Google anda.

Anda sedang menulis komen melalui akaun Twitter anda. Anda sedang menulis komen melalui akaun Facebook anda. Maklumkan komen balas melalui emel. Maklumkan kiriman baru melalui email. Like this: Like Memuat Februari 13, at pm. Februari 14, at am. Mac 12, at am. Januari 28, at am. Jun 28, at pm. Julai 2, at am. Ogos 19, at am.

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Ogos 22, at am. Liyzul berkata:. September 18, at am.Rebore engine block to fit pistons and turbo charger estimate in RMRM including labour cost. Different place different price. Performance ofcoz better than Ori carburator engine, Stock kancil engine is 6-valve, when you convert to valve EFI head, it will increase the engine horsepower.


About fuel consumpation, EFI system will give you extra mileage than Kancil's carburator engine. Im very sure you can feel the different. Automatic transmission engine will use more fuel than manual trans especially in traffic jamm. If possible, Drop the gear to "N" position, rather than "D", just when you need to drive forward, then drop it back to "D", as if u are using manual tranmission.

Then, check the engine RPM when indling without using aircond and when using aircond. Spot on with this write-up, I absolutely feel this site needs much more attention. I think i've list it down above. I have no idea what site to suggest to you. L2 piston in block L2 piston bore 68mm, stroke L2 piston just pnp to conrod since the piston pins size are same 18mm.

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I am not very sure about that bro. A lot of people got one that taken out from toyota FICD. Why need to change the fuel tank? Is it because the fuel pressure from cc standard fuel tank is low? EFI system need high pressure psicarb fuel pressure around psi. One more thing, EFI fuel tank also has a return fuel line. I'm very sorry bro, i have no idea about that. But you can try find it with keyword "halfcut" in mudah. I found one here from mudah. Bangunan Oren 2 Tingkat. But it will cost you more in the future and make your headache.

A lot of problem will occur when you turborised your stock carburetor engine especially in tuning process. But if you still want to try this, stay with boost 0. I assume your L2 is turbocharged engine.The Kancil was Perodua's first car after its founding in The Kancil, like its predecessors, is a slightly modified Daihatsu Mira L; rebadging is common in Malaysia's automotive industry, having begun in with first car manufacturer Protonwhich based its cars on retired models of Mitsubishi Motors.

Subsequent Kancils were only rejuvenated cosmetically as Perodua maintained the monocoque structure and tweaked its engines. The Kancil is named after the mouse deera native animal was commonly found in Malaysian jungle. Four- or five-speed manual transmissions were available four-speed was not available in the or a three-speed automatic.

enjin kancil 660 turbo

The Kancil was unveiled on the 29th of August It came with an automatic transmission and in addition to the existing equipment on the GX variant, there was colored bumpers, gear lock, side protector molding, hazard sign and the first-aid kit for metallic and mica models only. It was launched at RM28, In Augustthe Perodua Kancil cc version was launched. It came with both GX manual transmission and EZ automatic transmission variants in addition to the existing cc version.

Their features and colours are carried over from both GX and EZ of cc version, with additional of front power windows, and with Violet Purple colour instead of Blue Mica and Classic Blue. Their prices were quite little higher than cc versions because of the bigger cc engine volume and power, as well as the latter additional equipment.

Besides both variants, the additional cc GX based Kancil Era variant was also introduced. On 27 Augustthe Perodua Kancil was facelifted. Changes included new design for the larger front grille, rear garnish, rounded indicator lights, clear rear signal lenses amber in pre-facelift and different wheel caps designs, new cabin upholstery with the use of improved seat fabric and 2 front washer nozzles. The Kancil cc series, got new white faced metres and adjustable head rest. Prices were between RM 24, It came with a cc engine and 5-speed manual transmission.

Inthe car was given another slight facelift consisting of body-coloured side mouldings, a new grille and reprofiled front bumper with larger indicators, and electrical adjustable side mirrors were equipped for cc models. The Kancil received a more extensive restyling in September[1] featuring rounder headlights, taillights and bumpers; its rear license plate was also repositioned onto its hatch from the bumper below.

Its interior features a flushed dashboard with the combination instrumentation panel placed in the middle similar to that of the Toyota Yaris. However, it is still mechanically identical to its predecessor, except for the EZi automatic transmission variant which was given a fuel-injected powerplant though this variant wasn't available at launch. At launch only manual transmission equipped variants were available: EX and EX. It came with an automatic transmission and an electronic fuel injected engine.

Notable omissions from the EX variant included the passenger visor, a clock, door visors, rear wiper, a radio with speakers and an alarm with central locking. Solid Ivory White was the only colour option for this variant. This variant stood for special edition and was priced not much different to the EX variant which it shared the same powertrain engine and transmission combination with.

Key features of this variant included 12" alloy wheels like on the EZi variant, a CD player.L2s 3. L2 atau pon t. Saya pkaiy kancil 85o enjin l6 manual. Tetapi,saya gunakan gearbox kancil coz gearbox l6 tuw 4wd. Ada tak gearbox l6 yg bukan 4wd?

Dan ada perbezaan tak,antara kedua-dua gearbox itu? Kat p44autoworks,ada jual gearbox l6 yg bukan 4wd??

Kalu ada,saya hendak kesana. Boleh tuning sekali. Dia skali ngan axle belakang ke Kalau complete ade smue Boleh ws sye x L2, L2s atau L5? Salam, bro. Ada kancil mata belalang, nak masuk half cut l6 jbjl turbo auto.

Budget dlm bapa? Sekarang baru ada 4k. Selalu dia mai dengan apa lg selain enjin n dashboard, maksud saya kot2 ada body part.

Kira semua sekali la. Sekali endorse n reg. Saya dekat2 sini ja. Cukup duit saya roger. Selain cluth plate, kabel clutch, dan masalah gear box sendiri ada x masalah lain yg boleh sebabkan jerking?

Salam bro. Blh x masul power stereng kt kancil kaburator? Salam bos. Agak2 berapa bajet kasar.

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Oh, satu lagi saya punya wayaring pon dah teruk. Saya nak tukar crank pulley kancil enjin l6 jbjl turbo. Barang ada tak kt kedai encik?

L200s turbo halfcut for kancil...

Kalau sekali pasang berapa RM? Kalo L2 sesuai ngan enjin kancil biasa kan. Ade sesiapa nak tukar Nak tanya sy nk tukar enjin kancil ke L6. Selamat pagi semua!!Say Carlist. Actual specifications for this vehicle may differ, please confirm with the seller. Contact us 30 Bahasa Malaysia.

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enjin kancil 660 turbo

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Key details Car type Used Car. Make Perodua. Model Kancil. Variant GX. Year Engine Capacity cc. Transmission Manual. Seat Capacity 5. Mileage 5 - 10K. Colour Silver. Seller's comments Say Carlist. Financial calculator Vehicle Price The selling price of the vehicle you intend to purchase. Deposit Amount The amount of money you intend to pay on your own that is not covered by the loan you will be taking from a bank.

Bank Rates The interest rate on the loan that is being charged to you by the bank. Interest rate must be numeric and between 1 to Hargapun dah melambung. Pergh detail betul penerangan, dulu penah pakai kancil tapi dah tukar. Maybe kena wat Saga FL plak kot hehe.

Thank you for sharing this informative post aroma diffuser singapore essential oils singapore Air Purifier.

Perodua Kancil

Berapakah harga pasaran enjin L2 dan kos pemasangan? Saya bercadang nak tukar kepada L2 dan auto. Nak tanya skit otai2 klau l2s tu tukar ke low comp spya tahan lasak mcm l2 boleh tak? Newbie here bru plan nak tukar engine keliru antara L2 gan l2s. Jika sya mahu upgrade enjin dr sgi pisto,turbo,injector,fuel pump apa yg ptut sya gna kan Kereta abg ipar aku die kate L5 3 piston.

L5 yg timing chain cmne pulak. Tolong up sikit pasal enjin l6 turbo plak. Saya ada problem sdkit. Nak tanya admin dan sesiapa yg berpengalaman dlm k-car. Saya asalnya guna engine EX M pada kancil mata petak tahun Crossmamber, Gearbox Auto, drive shaft, steering rack, EPS, dan kaki2 semuanya masuk dlm krta kncil sya.

Tetapi mslh nya skrg payah nak alignment tayar lari ke kiri. Adakah sbb frame cross member L6 xsma dgn kancil EX? Perlukah sya tukar crosmember ke L2?

Lower Amr L6 ada spare parts baru ke? Kat mna nak cri Rocker cover gasket L6?

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Bolehkah tak perlu guna aluminium yg di rivet dkt Valve cover tu, yg ada 3 seals plug? Help me.

Perodua Kancil

Nk tanyePemahaman tu rasanya betul. Nak tanya. Kalau contoh saya pasang turbo dekat kancil cc, agak agak turbo tu membantu tak untuk jalan jauh?

Perak ke johor. Biasa kalau bawak kena berhenti berhenti sejukkan enjin. Sebenarnya bab-bab pasang turbo ni aku tak pernah buat. Tak pernah dengar? Takpe, saya akan terangkan. Water Turbine biasanya ada di empangan di mana air yang ditampung akan turun mengikut salurannya di mana air tersebut akan terkena pada bilah turbin lalu turbin itu akan berpusing. Kenapa nak turbin berpusing?

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Turbo dicipta untuk memampatkan udara sepadat yang mungkin untuk dibakar bersama bahan api di dalam enjin. Untuk apa nak padatkan udara? Makin laju la kereta kita!

Di manakah lokasi Turbo? Yang ini aku tak boleh nak terangkan secara lanjut. Sebelum udara disedutkan ke enjin, udara akan dimampatkan dahulu oleh Compressor. Betul tu.

enjin kancil 660 turbo

Kehebatan teknologi Turbine ini telah membantu manusia mencipta tenaga secara percuma. Kerana apa? Kerana tenaga yang digunakan untuk memusinggkan compressor, bukanlah dari eletrik bateri.

Secara ringkasnya perjalanan Tenaga Turbo ini Asap ekzos keluar akan terkena turbine Turbine akan berpusing dan akan memusingkan juga shaft Shaft yang disambungkan ke compressor akan turut memusingkan compressor Apabila compressor berjalan, angin makin banyak disedut dan dimampatkan.